AAFTucson welcomes Claudine Sokol from Nielsen to share insight on how audiences of streaming platforms compare to traditional, live audiences. Topics to be covered include:

  • Market specific viewership information
  • Viewership trends in the overall industry with a specific focus on the rise of streaming video
  • Insights in comparing new streaming platforms and their audiences vs. traditional live audiences

Claudine Sokol has worked for more than twenty three years in the media industry. With a wide range of experience working in media, including national, mobile, movies, digital, local television and local audio. In providing market research and strategic insights to Networks, Advertisers, Studios, CPG clients, political agencies, advertising agencies, and non-traditional media clients, Claudine has helped convert media markets across the Southwest to electronic measurement since the late 90’s and is committed to helping her clients understand the on-going changes in the media industry.

She is excited about the future of media in today’s ever-changing fast-paced world. Claudine is a graduate of Yeshiva University in New York City. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California where she currently resides with her four children and Luna the dog. Claudine loves to cook and travel with her family.