Robyn Frey - 2018 / 07/31/2018 6:10 pm

Robyn FreyRobyn grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoyed drawing from an early age. She was encouraged by her creative parents and spent hours copying illustrations from Joan Walsh Anglund books. Her high school art teacher, Dean Barber, was a major influence, and inspired her to pursue a degree in graphic design.

She attended the University of Georgia and received a BFA in Graphic Design.  After graduating, Robyn worked as an artist for the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She traveled west to Tucson where she served as Art Director for Bernard Hodes Advertising.  In 1982 Robyn answered an ad for a graphic artist position and was hired at Wettstein Advertising, which had been in business since 1964.  Robyn thrived under the direction of Creative Director, Malice Keller, and learned from two of the best marketers in the business, Earl Wettstein and Michael Bolchalk.

Wettstein Advertising evolved over the years to become Wettstein/Bolchalk Advertising, then Michael Bolchalk Marketing in 1995. In 2003, Robyn partnered with Michael Bolchalk as President/Creative Director to form Bolchalk FReY Marketing. After 54 years in business, FReY Creative Marketing became the new name of the company.

Robyn works with her talented team to brainstorm, execute and produce visually impactful designs that speak to the client’s target market. Her strength is her unique perspective of combining both images and words that become the essence for an entire marketing campaign. 

Robyn serves on the 390th Memorial Museum board and is a member of SAHBA, Local First Arizona, PRSA and The Rotary Club of Tucson. She is a past board member of American Ad Federation Tucson and recipient of the coveted Phyllis Ehlinger Award in 2010.

Kerry Stratford - 2018 / 07/31/2018 6:08 pm

Kerry StratfordKerry Stratford is a native Tucsonan and has been providing innovative creative, marketing and brand strategy for more than 30 years.

Kerry learned from her entrepreneurial parents and started working with her first client at age 15. She attended the University of Arizona earning a BFA in Visual Communication. Upon graduation, Kerry started her own business providing design services for many organizations. She took a position with Boelts Bros. Design as a Designer and Art Director, and eventually became a Principal in the firm, later renamed Boelts/Stratford Associates. Kerry and her partners Jackson and Eric Boelts, provided branding and marketing services to some of the region’s most respected companies as well as brands across the country. During this time, Kerry also taught design classes at the UofA for ten years as an Adjunct Professor.

In 2007, Kerry merged her business with Linda Welter to create a full-service brand marketing, digital and public relations firm – The Caliber Group. As President, Kerry is responsible for the strategy of client’s integrated brand creative, marketing and digital campaigns, and the teams necessary to build brand awareness, preference and loyalty.

Kerry is an award-winning designer who has been listed in “Who’s Who” in Graphic Design USA, and has had her work featured in many design publications and books in the U.S. and abroad. She and her companies have provided pro bono services to dozens of non-profits in the community. Kerry is a board member for the Arizona Small Business Association and a Mentor for the UofA Alumni Association. She has received leadership awards from Arizona Forward, ASBA and Greater Tucson Leadership, and was named Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year by the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Kerry served as President of the American Advertising Federation from 2014-2015 and is a board member of the Tucson Advertising Federation Educational Foundation. She was recognized by the AAFT with the “Advertising Professional of the Year Award” in 2009.

Balfour Walker - 2017 / 07/26/2017 6:06 pm

Balfour Walker Balfour Walker was born in Philadelphia. Son of a serious amateur photographer, he spent many hours watching his dad print pictures and talk photography. The craft was always there for him. As soon as he took a photo class in high school, the camera became part of his life. “I knew I wanted to be a photographer”. 

When his brother moved from Philadelphia to Tucson, Balfour followed to attend the University of Arizona.

During those years in college, he worked on photography technique and studied the best, always having a darkroom in each rental house. In 1971, he completed his business degree and was ready to move forward.

Directly after college, Balf was hired to go to Europe to do photographs for the Speed Merchants, the first of Michael Keyser's 10 books on motor racing.  This was his introduction to Formula One and sports racing cars. Returning to the relative sanity of Tucson, he showed his car photos and immediately got assignment work in photography for advertising, which turned into a fulfilling career.

There was one more trip to Europe in '73 and '74 to work for Graham Hill and then James Hunt's Formula One teams.  Then back to the desert for good.  He landed in the black building on Sixth and Campbell and formed a partnership with the very talented Chris Mooney.  One of the best people, with a solid work ethic, Chris proved to be a great partner. Balfour Walker/Chris Mooney Photography, Inc. flourished during Tucson's boom years and did just fine during Tucson's slow years.  Right in the middle, there was 6 years of photographing aircraft interiors for Bombardier Aerospace.  

Balf’s work spans the spectrum – from aviation and architecture to food, optics and people, plus in-studio and on-location shoots. Over the year, he has had the pleasure to work with many of the best ad agencies in Tucson, including Taylor Advertising, Wettstein Advertising, Bolchalk Frey, Dubs Tyau, Boelts Brothers, Hilton Myers, LP&G, Strongpoint Marketing and Caliber Group. Together, they have won numerous awards, including Addys, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best of Show, Judges Choice and Prisma.

“This is the only job I’ve ever had in my life. It’s a lifestyle. I go to sleep thinking about photography and I wake up thinking about photography. I keep up with the latest trends and technologies. I experiment. I love challenging assignments. This is my passion!”

Chris Mooney - 2017 / 07/26/2017 6:03 pm

Chris Mooney 

Born in Rochester New York, Chris’s childhood dream was to be an artist, with the camera as his medium. Not hard to understood since Rochester is the headquarters of Kodak.

Chris moved to Tucson in 1962 and graduated from Santa Rita High School. After graduating, he attended NAU and achieved a BS in Journalism in 1980.  Returning to Tucson after getting his degree, Chris pursued a freelance photography career, taught country swing lessons and worked at Payless Cashways as a yard salesman before finally working as a fulltime assistant at Balfour Walker Photography. In 1986, Chris partnered with Balf as Balfour Walker/Chris Mooney Photography. They now own a 5000 sq. ft. Studio/office space on N. 6th Avenue, where they also lease space to three other Tucson Photographers, Martha Lochert, Britta VanVranken and Jose Betran…a lot of photography talent under one roof! And as if photography wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Chris has also been a licensed Real Estate agent with Tierra Antigua Realty since 2009.

Chris’s clients cover a wide range of assignments, from shooting the sport of Rugby for Land’s End catalogs, to shooting iconic team photos for the University of Arizona Athletic Department. His most recent passion has been to capture the vast beauty of the American Southwest desert and the cowboys that work the remaining cattle ranches around Tucson.

Chris shares his passion of photography with others and has taught at Pima Community College, Art Institute of Tucson, and for the Digital Photo Academy of New York.  He has won numerous Addy Awards from The Tucson Advertising Federation over the years and has been a long-time member of the organization, including serving as the Official Photography for numerous Addy Award events.

Chris’s camera has provided him with the opportunity to experience exotic places, meet interesting people and make a living. It has also been a way to express what he sees and in his words, “Add some richness to the social fabric, not as a comment on life, but more as a reflection of how I see the world”.

Steve Lynn - 2017 / 07/26/2017 5:59 pm

Steve Lynn

Steve Lynn was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Phoenix, and moved to Tucson in 1964 to attend the UA. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Communications, Steve worked for Tucson General Hospital and the City of Tucson’s Model Cities and Community Development programs.

In 1984, Steve partnered up with Jeff Nordensson to form Nordensson Lynn & Associates Advertising, one of Arizona’s leading marketing communications firms.

After 16 years as CEO and owner-partner, Steve left Nordensson Lynn to serve as VP and Chief Customer Officer for Tucson Electric Power and UNS Energy Corporation, where he was responsible for positioning with regulators and overseeing customer service, corporate communications, market research, consumer relations, community affairs and government relations. After retiring in 2011 from UNS/TEP, Steve joined Strongpoint Marketing as Chief Strategy Officer.

Steve’s work has made impacts on  a wide range of organizations including governments, universities, national organizations and local non-profits. His early work experience of 13 years with the City of Tucson in leadership roles in community development, had a particular emphasis on issues related to poverty.

He serves on the Southern Arizona Leadership Council Board of Directors, is past Chairman of the Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board (First Things First) and of the Downtown Tucson Partnership, and was a founding board member of Science Foundation Arizona. In 2009, Steve received an Honorary  Doctor of Letter degree from the UofA College of Social and Behavioral Science and the College of Education.

Steve has received many awards for his community service including Arizona Capitol Times “Leader of the Year in Volunteerism”, “Man of the Year” from the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and the “Distinguished Citizen Award” from the University of Arizona Alumni Association and the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Steve was recognized by AAFT in 1994 with the “Advertising Professional of the Year Award”.