Best of Show Print / 03/13/2016 12:00 am

The Beautiful Bodies of Mothers
The Desert Leaf

Category: 08B - Editorial Spread or Feature
Award: Best of Show Print & Gold ADDY Award
Entrant: DesertLeaf
Advertiser: DesertLeaf
Title: The Beautiful Bodies of Mothers

Mike McPherson, Art Director
Jade Beall, Photographer
Jan Henrikson, Writer
Karen Nystedt, Editor
Mary Swiergol, Publisher

Best of Show Film / 03/13/2016 12:00 am

Little Girl Lost
Crown Chimp Productions

Category: 82 - Cinematography
Award: Best of Show Film & Gold ADDY Award
Entrant: Crown Chimp Productions
Advertiser: Little Girl Lost
Title: Little Girl Lost trailer

Nickolas Duarte, Director/Writer
Oscar Rivera, DP
Drew Grubich, Producer/Writer
Frank Armendarez, 1st AD
KJ Davidson-Turner, Actor

Best of Show Student / 03/13/2016 12:00 am

WWF: Polluted Waters
Emiko Higman
Art Institute of Tucson

Name on Award: Emiko Higman
Category: Magazine - Single (Full Page or Less)
Award: Best of Show Student & Gold ADDY Award
Educational Institution: Art Institute of Tucson
Title: WWF: Polluted Waters

Emiko Higman, WWF: Polluted Waters

Special Judges Award for Copywriting / 03/13/2016 12:00 am

Merry Christmas, Eve - CD Packaging
Merry Christmas, Eve - CD Packaging3

Merry Christmas, Eve - CD Packaging4
Merry Christmas, Eve - CD Packaging5
JOmojo Design + Marketing

Category: CD Packaging - Single Unit
Award: Special Judges Award for Copywriting & Gold ADDY Award
Entrant: JOmojo Design + Marketing
Advertiser: Mike King/Tremblestem Music (BMI) and Bill Cashman/Cavern Studios Tucson (under Art Attack Records)
Title: Merry Christmas, Eve - CD Packaging

Jude Ockenfels - JOmojo Design + Marketing, Graphic Designer - custom cover art, layout and design
Bill Cashman - Cavern Studios Tucson/Art Attack Records, Concept, Art Direction (and phenomenal sound production)
Mike King - Tremblestems Music (BMI), Lyrics & Copywriting

Monsoon Drama | Greeting Card / 03/13/2016 12:00 am

Monsoon Drama | Greeting Card
AlphaGraphics Commercial Printing Services

Category: 16 - Special Event Materials
Award: Gold ADDY Award
Entrant: AlphaGraphics Commercial Printing Services
Advertiser: AlphaGraphics Commercial Printing Services
Title: Monsoon Drama | Greeting Card

Jeff Speigner, Creative Director
Jill Scott, Designer, Illustrator, Copywriter
Gary Tenen, Co-owner
Judy Tenen, Co-owner