Robyn Frey - 2018 / 07/31/2018 6:10 pm

Robyn FreyRobyn grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoyed drawing from an early age. She was encouraged by her creative parents and spent hours copying illustrations from Joan Walsh Anglund books. Her high school art teacher, Dean Barber, was a major influence, and inspired her to pursue a degree in graphic design.

She attended the University of Georgia and received a BFA in Graphic Design.  After graduating, Robyn worked as an artist for the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She traveled west to Tucson where she served as Art Director for Bernard Hodes Advertising.  In 1982 Robyn answered an ad for a graphic artist position and was hired at Wettstein Advertising, which had been in business since 1964.  Robyn thrived under the direction of Creative Director, Malice Keller, and learned from two of the best marketers in the business, Earl Wettstein and Michael Bolchalk.

Wettstein Advertising evolved over the years to become Wettstein/Bolchalk Advertising, then Michael Bolchalk Marketing in 1995. In 2003, Robyn partnered with Michael Bolchalk as President/Creative Director to form Bolchalk FReY Marketing. After 54 years in business, FReY Creative Marketing became the new name of the company.

Robyn works with her talented team to brainstorm, execute and produce visually impactful designs that speak to the client’s target market. Her strength is her unique perspective of combining both images and words that become the essence for an entire marketing campaign. 

Robyn serves on the 390th Memorial Museum board and is a member of SAHBA, Local First Arizona, PRSA and The Rotary Club of Tucson. She is a past board member of American Ad Federation Tucson and recipient of the coveted Phyllis Ehlinger Award in 2010.