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Ad2 Tucson Public Service Project Call for Applications

The time is now! Since the early 1960s, Ad 2 chapters across the nation have been providing pro-bono advertising and marketing campaigns to non-profit organizations in their communities. Public Service campaigns are showcased for public viewing at the annual AAF National Conference. All campaigns are professionally produced and team of judges selects the campaign that best served its community each year.

AD2 Tucson accepts applications every year for local Tucson non-profits to apply for their pro-bono services.

How it Works:

  • Click here to open the Public Service Application Form

  • Once all of the applications have been returned, the Public Service Committee will review each one and call the contact listed on the form if they have any additional questions.

  • The final three applicants will be interviewed by the Public Service Committee. This interview will most likely take place in early October.

  • AD2 Tucson’s Public Service Committee will choose the top applicant.

This campaign usually lasts until the late winter and early spring. AD2 Tucson has a deadline from the National organization, so it is important that the applicant be aware of the schedule from the beginning and commit to review deadlines, etc.

The deadline for the 2016-17 Public Service Campaign has been extended to Friday, October 21, 2016.

Call for Volunteers

Interested in helping out with the Public Service Campaign? We need volunteers in all areas of advertising including marketing, public relations, design, web, photography, etc. What one thing can you do to help out?

We are going to need lots of talented people in order to make this campaign a success. Participating in the public service campaign is a great resume builder, networking opportunity, excellent way to get involved with AD2; not to mention, a very rewarding experience. We look forward to meeting you! Please email if you are interested.

2015-16 Campaign

Make Way for Books

Make Way for Books has been making a positive impact on the Tucson community for over seventeen years. As a growing non-profit in a digital age, they need updates to various marketing materials to keep pace. Ad2 Tucson, with the generous support of Crown Chimp Productions refreshed their video presence, and provided valuable consultation surrounding app, social, and online marketing efforts. Working closely with the great team at Make Way for Books, Ad2 delivered a new :30 second TV spot, to run on local broadcast networks, and a brand new mission statement video.

Past Recipients:

2015 - Make Way for Books

2014 - Iskashitaa Refugee Network

2013 - PACC Partners

2012 - Pima Council on Aging

2011 - JobPath

2010 - BICAS and Skin Cancer Institute

2009 - Angel Children’s Center

2008 - Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome (SANDS)

2007 - Literacy Volunteers of Tucson (LVT)