Golden Mic Award 

The AAF Tucson Golden Mic Award was established to acknowledge local media personalities who have helped raise awareness and contributions for area charities. The AAF Tucson Board of Directors specifically awards local talent who have selflessly devoted their time for the benefit of the charities in need.

Know someone who should be nominated for a Golden Mic Award? Just fill out the online form, explain why you think they fulfill the criteria, and submit!


• 2015 Kristi Tedesco

• 2014 Rick Hunter

• 2013 John C. Scott

• 2012 Allen Kath

• 2011 Bill Buckmaster

• 2010 Ed Alexander

• 2009 Chuck George

• 2008 Brian Jeffries

• 2007 Guy Atchley

• 2006 Johnjay VanEs & Rich Berra

• 2005 Colleen Bagnall & Patty Weiss

• 2004 Bobby Rich

• 2003 Alan Michaels