AD 2

Ad 2 Tucson, a division of  AAF Tucson, is where the up-and-coming get going. We set the pace for tomorrow by launching Tucson’s talent. Our members are young professionals, ages 32 and under, who have expertise in the fields of advertising, marketing, communications, interactive, and media.

We know that it’s key to support the community that supports us; in this spirit, we pour our skill sets into public service projects.

We offer a unique platform to get in front of established professionals that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

We are fervently committed to the evolution of our industry, providing inspiration and resources to develop our industry’s emerging leaders.

Our History

Ad 2 was first established nationally more than 50 years ago, and the local chapter was established in 2005. From public service projects to social events, we have carved out a community for the emerging players in our industry. Some of our notable accomplishments include:

  • Launching careers of young industry professionals.
  • Working with local colleges and universities to bridge the gap between students and professionals.
  • Annual public service campaigns to create pro-bono marketing campaigns for local non-profits such as PACC Partners, Pima Council on Aging, Bicas and more.
  • Hosting events such as ADSTRAVAGANZA 2013 Art Auction which benefitted CODAC Behavioral Health Services.