About Us - Three Organizations Dedicated to Media Professionals

All under the same roof, AAF, Ad2 and TAFEF represent creative and media professionals in the Tucson community as well as nationally. Each organization has its own story to tell, from building networks to giving back to the community. Get more information here.

About - AAF Tucson

American Advertising Federation Tucson (AAF Tucson) serves as a collaborative hub for a full spectrum of industry experts. We bring together today’s leaders and tomorrow’s rising stars from from the fields of advertising, marketing, communications, interactive, and media. Through professional development, networking, and acknowledging the local hot bed of talent, our mission is to promote our industry’s importance to the region’s economy and culture.

Be a part of this driving force and join us today.

Our History

AAF Tucson boasts a rich history, having been established in Southern Arizona almost 70 years ago. In May 1945, the Tucson Advertising Club was founded; throughout the decades the organization has grown in both in numbers and impact, creating a community for professionals to inspire each other and advance the media industry.

The Tucson Advertising Club officially aligned itself with the American Advertising Federation brand in 1998 and changed the name of the organization to Tucson Advertising Federation.

Since our inception, we have developed programs around membership, education, government relations and leadership that have been recognized nationally by the American Advertising Federation. Other club achievements include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with Tucson Chamber of Commerce to create annual Man and Woman of the Year Awards to distinguish outstanding individuals in our community
  • Establishing our local ADDY Awards recognizing local creative advertising talent and success
  • Repealing a local 2 percent tax on all advertising placed in the city limits
  • Establishing a Media Partnership Program in 2001, which has generated millions in donated advertising support for non-profit organizations in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The program has also served as a public service initiative model for other AAF chapters across the country.

About - Ad2 Tucson

Ad2 Tucson, an AAF affiliate, is where the up-and-coming get going. We set the pace for tomorrow by launching Tucson’s talent. Our members are young professionals, ages 32 and under, who have expertise in the fields of advertising, marketing, communications, interactive, and media.

We know that it’s key to support the community that supports us; in this spirit we pour our skill sets into public service projects.

We offer a unique platform to get in front of established professionals that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

We are fervently committed to the evolution of our industry, providing inspiration and resources to develop our industry’s emerging leaders.

Check out our events page for more examples of how you can be a part of the bigger movement in Tucson's media scene.

Our History

Ad2 was first established nationally more than 50 years ago, and the local chapter was established in 2005. From public service projects to social events, we have carved out a community for the emerging players in our industry. Some of our notable accomplishments include:

  • Launching careers of young industry professionals
  • Working with local colleges and universities to bridge the gap between students and professionals
  • Annual public service campaigns to create pro-bono marketing campaigns for local non-profits such as PACC Partners, Pima Council on Aging, Bicas and more.
  • Hosting events such as ADSTRAVAGANZA 2013 Art Auction which benefitted CODAC Behavioral Health Services


About - TAFEF

Tucson Advertising Federation Educational Foundation (TAFEF) is the 501(c)3 component of AAF Tucson dedicated to facilitating education of the next generation of media professionals through an endowment fund established as a result of our Media Partnership Program.  You can help make a direct impact on the future by supporting TAFEF with a tax deductible contribution. Contact us for more information.

Our History

TAFEF was born from a focus on the future and in making sure our industry’s next generation has access to internship opportunities they need to be successful. AAF Tucson endowed an educational enrichment fund for AAF Student Chapters in the following local schools:

  • The Art Institute of Tucson
  • Pima Community College
  • Southwest College of Visual Arts
  • University of Arizona

Since 2001, we have awarded tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving AAF Student Chapter members.