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The Top 50 AAFT Awards 2019

It’s time to get back to the basics.

  • No more confusing categories.
  • No more complicated software.
  • No more last minute run to turn entries in… well maybe.

This is a new creative based competition entered by direct marketers, ad agencies, digital firms, design firms and independent creatives. Work can be campaigns, single entry, new media or traditional media, etc. 

The TOP 50 creative entries will win and be one of the TOP 50 AAFT Award Winners. No more Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.

We didn’t forget the Students, who can win one of the TOP 10 AAFT Student Awards.


Entry deadline is January 23rd.



Entering is now easier than ever:

  • Choose your best entry or entries.
  • Submit all entries electronically with a brief description of entry. 
  • Submit payment electronically.
  • New lower cost. Members $70, Non-Members $100, Students $25. CLICK HERE TO START ENTRIES NOW
  • Your work will be judged according to a creative based format by an out-of-state AAF judging panel.
  • The Top Fifty entries will be awarded trophies at the 2019 AAFT Awards event.
  • The Top Ten Student entries will be awarded trophies at the 2019 AAFT Awards event.
  • Top 50/10 entries will be categorized and forwarded for district judging.
  • Event attendees will award one best of show entry at this years event.


This is a new exciting awards format that is easier to enter, cheaper to enter and truly celebrates the creativity in our market.

Submission entry will begin the first week of January and an email will follow soon with submissions details.


BE MORE Creative! BE MORE Involved! ENTER NOW


Submission Info

What can I submit?

The mission of the Top 50 competition is to recognize and reward creative excellence in the art of advertising, therefore any advertising creative execution can be submitted. The entry must be real advertising that is created in Southern Arizona that debuted publically during 2018. Ad Fed members and non-members are eligible to submit entries.

Entries due Wednesday January 23.


New this year, entries will be submitted digitally. No more clear folders and rushing to turn them in. This year, you pay for your entry HERE and then receive a unique link to upload your entries. 



  • Pay the entry fee for each entry online: ENTER NOW
  • Once your payment has been received, within 24 hours, you will be sent a link to upload your entries.
  • For each entry you submit, please place all the assets in a folder along with your Word document description. Each entry should have a separate folder within your company folder.
  • Your entry folder should include:
    • A 150 word description of your entry in a Word document, this description should include what the item is and specifically what you would like the judges to focus on (copywriting, photography, campaign, complete execution, etc).
    • Up to 5 representations (images) of your entry.
  • Please submit your entry and description together.  There is no need to categorize your submission!
  • Repeat this process for as many entries as you want to submit to the Top 50.
  • All entries are due by January 23.
  • Please note: If you decide to up load more entries than you paid for, you will be contacted and either asked for the additional entry fees or asked which entries to exclude.



Follow the instructions below.

  • Print ad, editorial layout, outdoor, logo, poster or other printed piece: Convert your file into a .jpg or .gif. Make it fit within 900x600 pixel space. The total file size must not exceed 1Mb. (Please submit not more than 5 images per entry.)
  • Video, animation or commercial: Videos may be Hi Res. Include the full video file. Video files should not be larger than 15mb.
  • Website, microsite or mobile: Your site must be hosted somewhere for it to be judged. Submit a link to the site. If you choose, you can also submit a screen capture of your entry to demonstrate a key detail, following the requirements for a print ad or poster.
  • Web banners or rich media: Send us your .swf, .gif or jpg no larger than 4Mb. If you feel it must be seen in context, you can submit a screen capture.
  • Event, signage, packaging, 3-D piece, environmental or guerrilla activity: Take a photo (up to 5) and then follow the requirements for a print/poster idea. Or create a movie and follow the requirements for a video/spot.
  • Radio spot or audio track: Submit an .mp3. File size must not exceed 3Mb.
  • Campaigns: Up to 10 separate elements can be submitted for each campaign.Follow the instructions above for each element type.
  • Something else: Write an explanation in a Word doc and add it to your folder. Be as clear as possible. Include photos if you like.



Judging will take place between Jan 23rdand Feb. 11th. Judges will score each entry on a scale of 1-50 where 50 is the strongest creative. A panel of 5 judges will be selected from other AdFed clubs nationwide. All judges will have previous AdFed Award judging experience.



Each entry includes one piece. Campaigns with up to 10 elements can be submitted.

$70 per entry for members.

$100 per entry for nonmembers.

$25 for student work entry




Feel like you need more info on what can be entered? Below is a non-exhaustive list of entry categories, but have no fear, you don’t need to select the category for your entry. Once the Top 50 entries are selected by the judges, categories will be applied to the winners for submission in the American Advertising Awards – District Competition. You DO NOT need to categorize your Top 50 submission.


Advertising can be directed at numerous audiences and all are welcome in the Top 50: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer, Brand Awareness, Public Service, and Advertising Self- Promotion.



In addition to a single execution, a campaign can be submitted. A campaign is a series of ads, commercials or executions, either in one medium or several. Up to 10 executions of the campaign elements can be submitted.


Suggested categories of items that can be submitted:




Individual elements of a completed execution can be submitted. The completed piece can be entered even if the individual elements are entered separately. Entries must be created specifically for use in advertising. Categories include: copywriting, logo design, infographic, illustration, still photography, art direction, cinematography, animation, special effects, computer generated imagery, video editing, music without lyrics, music with lyrics, voiceover talent, sound design, digital creative including: interface and navigation, responsive design, data driven media, innovation use of interactive/ technology, location technology, augmented reality, mobile integration, user experience.



Below is a list of categories for completed advertising executions that can be submitted to the Top 50. This list is not exhaustive.



Printed promotional materials for products and services whose distribution comes from means other than traditional mass media including but not limited to: product or service sales promotion, packaging, point of purchase.



Stationery package, printed annual report, printed newsletter, brochure, publication design, special event material.



Anything that is mailed via USPS or delivered via special courier (private, FedEx, etc.) with the purpose of eliciting, provoking or effecting a consumer reaction (response card, phone number to call, order form, sale/event dates, etc.), including direct mail, specialty advertising such as apparel or specialty or promotional products with an advertising message.



Print category submissions can include: magazine advertising, magazine self-promotion, newspaper advertising, newspaper self-promotion, branded content and entertainment.



Ambient media includes guerrilla marketing, branded environment installations, event execution. Out-of-Home media includes posters, bulletins, outdoor boards, mass transit/ airlines/airports, and interior or exterior signage.



Websites, social media, apps, games, virtual realty, web display ads, website takeover, email marketing, blogs and digital publications, branded online content.



Radio spots, TV spots, internet video spot, podcast, webisode, in-theater commercials or slides, audio/visual sales presentation.