Hall of AchievementThe Advertising Hall of Fame seeks to recognize the very best among Southern Arizona marketing and advertising professionals who have led, mentored and inspired others to succeed in this industry, while preserving the legacy of our past and promise of our future through the next generation. 

Net proceeds from the AAFT Advertising Hall of Achievement event benefits the Tucson Advertising Federation Educational Foundation, a 501(C)3 charitable organization.

Ad Professional of the Year Award Winner Profiles

1970 Don Kaneen†

1971 Jerry Bolger†

1972 Leo Sterling

1974 Gene Kelly†

1975 Jennette Lasch†

1977 LuAnn Koepke

1981 Foss Tucker

1982 Manny Molina

1983 Patty Ruiz

1984 Laurie Fagin

1985 Bob Lunningham

1986 Rich Moret

1987 Jeff Nordensson

1988 Ed Ackerley

1989 Chip Travers

1990 Georgia Lacy

1991 Mary Dunkel 

1992 Mike Levy

1993 Diana Madaras & Dave Sitton†

1994 Steven W. Lynn

1995 Steve Rosenberg

1996 Kathy Arrotta

1997 Don Regole

1998 Dave Slavin

2000 Doug Meyers

2001 Ann Courtney

2002 Rochelle Lang

2003 Jackson Boelts

2004 Mary Martin

2005 Ray Depa

2006 Steven Meckler

2007 Debbie Wagner

2008 Cyndy Neighbors

2009 Linda Cohen & Kerry Stratford

2010 Darrell Durham

2011 Richard Rose

2012 Ken Godat

2013 Steve Swinehart

2014 Doug Martin

2015 Jennifer Nunn

2019 Steve Earnhart


† Deceased


AAF Tucson and Ad 2 Tucson are comprised of more than 300 local advertising and media professionals. They serve as a collaborative hub for a full spectrum of industry experts and bring together today’s leaders and tomorrow’s stars from the fields of advertising, marketing, communications, interactive and media. 

Tucson Advertising Federation Educational Foundation (TAFEF) is the 501(c)3 component of AAF Tucson, dedicated to facilitating education of the next generation of media professionals. TAFEF was born from a focus on the future and in making sure our industry’s next generation has access to learning opportunities they need to be successful.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will select the Ad Professional of the Year award winner. Nominations for both awards are accepted annually.

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