Ad2: Get Involved

Public Service

Each year Ad2 Tucson will produce a comprehensive, pro-bono public service advertising campaign for a non-profit organization in the community. The committee begins in late spring by selecting a client, and then researching the client's situation and needs. Usually by early fall, a complete marketing proposal is submitted to the client. Based upon that information, Ad 2 members create a full advertising campaign, such as television, radio, print, outdoor and interactive advertising elements - while also securing media placement. Some campaigns also include logo design, production of collateral materials, viral tactics and public relations initiatives.

After the campaign is finalized, Ad2 Tucson competes in the Public Service Advertising Competition, pitting the local campaign against other's in the country. Participating clubs submit a written report about their campaign, followed by an oral presentation at the AAF National Conference. A select panel of judges evaluates the campaigns and selects the best among that year's work.

Communications & Public Relations

Our industry has made communication an art. This committee lets you polish your skills. They do all the copywriting, design, and production for Ad2 Tucson's website, newsletters, flyers, invitations and posters. This committee also gets the word out. Sends out press releases to media contacts, plan publicity events and work with various committees to promote Ad2 in the media.

Programs and Education

Help plan networking/social activities like a monthly happy hour. This committee plans a variety of educational activities, including keynote speakers, ad agency tours and printer tours. The goal is to provide members with events that are interesting and fun!


The more the merrier. This committee is all about getting people interested in Ad2 and watching out for the best interest of members. This committee organizes membership drives, recruits and motivates new members.

Special Events

Money can't buy happiness, but it does pay the bills. We need money to function and this committee helps us get it. Help plan our annual fundraiser and other special events to help promote Ad2 Tucson and bring in a few bucks in the process! 

Government Relations

Ever wondered who makes the rules? Ad2 Tucson's Government Relations committee focuses on key areas and projects designed to build effective relations with our local, state and national government.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, growing your career, making new friends and helping Ad2, please email us at