Simpleview Hires Rolf Senstad to Head Up New European Office

August 30, 2016 - Simpleview, the world's leading provider of digital strategy and technological sales and marketing solutions for destination marketing organisations (DMOs), has added a European office to address the needs of the company’s rapidly expanding international clientele. Rolf Senstad has been hired as Simpleview’s General Manager in Europe.
Simpleview works with over 400 DMOs globally and has 185+ employees working out of offices in Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California. The newest office has opened in Oslo, Norway in order to support the company’s growing customer base in Europe, including clients like the Prague Convention Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau, Edinburgh Convention Bureau, and Innovation Norway.
“We are excited about our business prospects in Europe and we also recognize the importance of establishing an office to serve our current clients in the region” said Rich Reasons, President of Simpleview. “With Rolf leading the way, we will be able to identify the unique needs and requirements of European Convention Bureaus and Destination Marketing Organizations so we can continue to innovate and evolve our business models and industry best practices in the areas of sales, marketing, research, bidding, reporting and other mission critical disciplines.” 
Rolf Senstad was recruited and hired to head up the Simpleview European Operation in Oslo.  Rolf has extensive IT and operational management experience spanning three continents.  His first order of business will be to collaborate with European DMOs, Regional Tourist Boards (RTBs), National Tourist Boards (NTBs), and Convention Bureaus (CBs) to determine what technology, training, support and marketing tools they need to succeed.  Rolf is currently representing Simpleview at the European Cities Marketing Summer School in Croatia, and will continue to connect with industry professionals at the European Tour Operators Association Digital Travel Showcase and the World Travel Market in London; the 55th International Congress and Convention Association Congress in Malaysia; and IBTM Barcelona.
Senstad previously worked with Innovation Norway as a key collaborator and project leader when Simpleview was awarded a contract to deploy a Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management platform, and supporting technologies for, a website that reaches more than 20 million visitors annually. This gives him valuable perspective when communicating to DMOs the advantages of Simpleview’s industry-specific integrated solutions.
Simpleview’s global footprint and focus has significantly increased in the past few years with the addition of 50+ international DMOs including Melbourne, Australia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Macau, China, South Africa Tourism, Sarawak, Malaysia, Guadalajara, Mexico, Meet in Reykjavik, Iceland and many more.
About Simpleview
Simpleview is the travel and tourism industry's leading provider of CRM, CMS, website design, search marketing, revenue generation, and mobile technologies for destination marketing organisations (DMOs). Named on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies for the tenth consecutive year in 2016, Simpleview employs 185+ staff and works with over 400 customers on 5 continents around the world. Simpleview serves meeting and leisure destinations from small relatively unknown destinations like Paducah, Kentucky (population 25,018) to some of the largest and most sophisticated Destination Marketing Organizations like New York City, Las Vegas and Macau.

Simply Well for Women - A 2-Day Life Changing Program, Oct. 8 & 9 at the Tucson J

Increase health, vitality, purpose and potential

August 12, 2016 – The Tucson Jewish Community Center (the Tucson J) in partnership with Doctors Gloria “Gigi” Dunn and Kathleen Mueller will present the first Simply Well for Women program on Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9. This two-day educational experience for women will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Ticket price for the 2 day seminar is $500 for two individuals – Mentor & Guest. Your $500 tuition will allow you and a young woman of your choice to attend this two-day program. Please see the Hearts and Hands Movement information below for further details. For tickets visit or

Simply Well for Women is designed to offer guidance about your choices and how they directly influence your physical and emotional wellness, and about how to implement an individualized approach to change. This two-day educational and interactive experience will be one in a series offered around the country that are stepping stones to create a web-based Simply Well for Women program.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and how you choose to use those hours directly influences your physical and emotional wholeness. Decades of medical practice, research, and life experience inform this innovative educational program that distills complex information into simple, sustainable approaches to achieve a healthier and more balanced and fulfilling life.   Simply Well for Women is a program about health, but it’s also a program about building vitality and resilience.  It is delivered by ONE credible source, during ONE 2-day experience, in ONE location, to impact how you live your ONE meaningful life. 

Join these two talented and passionate women on a journey through a learning experience designed to make your life and the lives of those you love better. This program is a reflection of the many steps the two female physicians walked, navigating a path toward health, vitality, purpose, and fulfilled potential.  During two decades of balancing personal and professional life with all of the competing demands for both, they searched for guidance based in science but grounded in simple wisdom about how to live each part of a 24-hour day in a healthier, more satisfying way.  The simple program, combining cutting-edge science with enduring ancient wisdom, did not exist, so they created it - Simply Well for Women.

Join us on this path to expand your awareness and learn the big impact that simple, sustainable actions can have to create the life you want.

We will explore how and why:

  • Food Matters – Discover the nutritional foundations for eating a sustainable, healthy and delicious diet and the science supporting simple choices.

  • Movement Matters – Small changes result in big differences. Develop a plan to add more enjoyable movement to your day, and reap the health benefits.

  • How To Use Your Mind Matters – Learn the evidence behind mind/body medicine, and experience simple meditative techniques for increased health, productivity, and creativity.

  • Sleep Matters – Understand how to enjoy the multitude of benefits of a wonderful night’s sleep, and experience techniques in support of that goal.

  • Environmental Health Matters – Learn the connection between individual health and environmental health, and how conscious consumption affects both.

  • Nature Matters – Develop a new perspective as we learn to follow the wisdom of nature’s guidance, and in the process develop a deeper connection with ourselves.

  • Change Matters – Explore the importance of epigenetics as it relates to lifestyle choices impacting health, and learn the science supporting the development of new habits. 

With more than 19 years in family medicine, Dr. Mueller adds, “Simply Well for Women provides the evidence based, critical information about life skills that you may not be able to find in your family doctor’s office. Small, sustainable changes are where we all need to begin for health and vitality.”

Dr. Dunn states, “Women have enormous power to change things for themselves and for those they love, when they are aware and mindfully engaged.  Simply Well for Women provides the foundation for transformational awareness and then action for women’s voices to effectively lead so many conversations locally and globally.  Women will transform health…and the world, one life at a time!“

About Simply Well for Women:
Dr. Mueller and Dr. Dunn are each board certified in their respective specialties and are two of approximately 1000 physicians in the world who have completed a two-year, post-doctoral fellowship through Dr. Andrew Weil's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. They have spent decades honing their skills and perfecting their message that simple changes will make a dramatic difference in health and well-being.

Dr. Mueller, a family physician, serves as Medical Director of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Before working full-time with Simply Well, Dr. Dunn served as the co-president of a large anesthesiology practice. She is currently developing an educational center for women on her property in Louisiana.

Together, they have pooled their knowledge and passion to create Simply Well

About The Hearts and Hands Movement: Hearts of Generosity & Hands of Service
The Hearts & Hands Movement was born of a desire to encourage young women to participate in Simply Well for Women Seminars.  When young women develop tools to create health and resilience early in life, they will change the trajectory of so many lives through the ripple effect of impact in young families and beyond.  Your seminar tuition will cover your experience, plus that of a young woman of your choice. Bring your daughter, niece, granddaughter or any young woman who you may call your “chosen daughter.” We will do our part by partnering with local organizations to provide scholarships for interested young women to attend. Women helping women transform health…and the world.

“As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for yourself, and the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn

About the Tucson JCC
Tucson JCC (the Tucson J) employs more than 200 people on its 110,000 square foot campus. For more than 60 years the Tucson J is open to all and provides a warm and welcoming environment for various groups from the entire community. There are boundless opportunities to balance your physical, mental, and emotional self. The J has something for everyone including a state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center; adult and youth recreation leagues; tennis; aquatics; early childhood education enrichment programs; afterschool J-Care; summer and winter Camp J; a wide variety of adult classes and cultural arts programs; and a sculpture garden and rotating art gallery showcasing the work of local and national artists. The J is also a catering and event rental facility.

The Tucson J is located at 3800 E. River Rd. Tucson, AZ 85718.
Phone: 520-299-3000 I 520-529 0373,