AAF Silver Medal

Nomination FormDownload the AAF Silver Medal Award Nomination Form.

The American Advertising Federation's Silver Media Award Program is a nationally recognized award that honors men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and have been active in furthering the industry's standards, creative excellence, and responsibility in areas of social concern. The award is bestowed upon a locally well-known person for their life-long contributions to advertising and the community. A new inductee with be honored each year during the annual Hall of Achievement awards ceremony.

Net proceeds from the AAFT Advertising Hall of Achievement event benefits the Tucson Advertising Federation Educational Foundation, a 501(C)3 charitable organization.

Tucson's AAF Silver Medal Award recipients include:

2015  Mary Dunkel
2014  Richard Rose
2013  Art Waller
2012  Jay Taylor
2011  David Slavin
2010  Rich Moret
2009  Rochelle Lang
2008  Mary Martin
2007  Jack Parris
2006  Dave Sitton†
2005  Jim Arnold
2004  James Rowley & Peter Zimmerman
2003  Jay Zucker
2002  Ray Depa
2001  Ron Bergamo†
2000  Michael Bolchalk
1999  Ed Ackerley (Awarded by AAF District 12)
1998  Susan Mannion
1997  Robert Shelton
1996  Hank Lominac†
1995  Jim Slone
1994  Jon Ruby†
1993  N/A
1992  Josh Young
1991  Gladys Sarlat†  
1990  Ruth Blesch
1989  Joe Crystall†
1988  Jack Jacobson†
1987  George Wallace†
1986  Larry Schnebly
1985  Gene Ackerley
1984  Pete Tufts†
1983  Phyllis Ehlinger†
1982  Earl Wettstein†
1981  Phil Richardson
1977  Rex Kisro†
1975  David Bloom†
1974  Harry Sinclair†
1972  Gonzalo T. "Chalo" Urias†
1971  Quentin "Q.J." Robb†
1970  Ella Breazeale†
1969  Lee Little†
1968  Frank E. Drachman Sr.†
1967  Ernie Cabat†
1966  W.R. "Dewey" DuBois†
1965  Elwin G. Wood

† Deceased